CSX Mountin River Sub beta release is out go download now!

Note: There is no way to create "new" locomotives to use reskins alongside the original locomotives. For example, there are 8 (eight) ES44DC's in the game; you may only swap out the reskins on the 8 (eight) ES44DC's in the game. It is not possible to create a 9th (ninth) ES44DC. This tutorial will cover replacing the bodies first, then the trucks; in that order.

1. Navigate to your Run8 Train Simulator V3 directory. This will most likely be C:\Run8 Train Simulator V3.

2. Navigate to ...Run8 Train Simulator V3\Content\V3Railvehicles

3. Proceed into the "Body" folder.

4. Find the name of the file you are about to replace (ex: R8_Dash9_44CW_Main_BNSF01.tx8).

5. Select the file you are about to replace. Press Lctrl+C then Lctrl+V. Windows will then create a new copy of the original.

6. Drag and drop the new reskin into the "Body" folder. Confirm that you want to replace the original file.
We are not responsible for recovering lost originals of files.